Warranty Policy

To whom it may concern,

It is our greatest pleasure to do business with you and we consider it out obligation to meet your high standards of products. We are not only continuously focusing our efforts to update our production technology but also continuously updating our system of managing/warranty to remain competitive in the industry. We are recognized by the ISO 9002, QS 9000 and TS 16949. Our testing/QC are certified by VIA, SAE and TUV. This is to confirm the quality of our products are protected by the proper procedures and treatments.

Our Warranty and Liability:

1. The structure and strength of the product:

We guarantee the products for the life of that product under normal and proper usage. However, if the products, are overloaded, exceed the maximum weights, have improper fitting, are used with incorrect accessories, or are re-engineered without our approval: the damage caused under these circumstances are excluded from our liability.

2. The surface treatment of our product:

For regular coating with clear coat: We provide two years of warranty beginning from the date of delivery.

For chrome coating: We provide one year of warranty beginning from the date of delivery.

For high light buffing with wax: We are not responsible for oxidation due to the uncontrollability of the environment.

To protect the lifetime of our products; we recommend the use of soap, water and a soft brush on the surface. We are not responsible for the defects of oxidation or paint damage caused by scratching, use of acidic solutions, stiff brushes or any other kinds of improper care. We are also not responsible for salt erosion on our products caused by salt stains.

3. The installation of the product:

The product should be installed according to the instructions with corresponding lug nuts. We are not responsible for any damages that occur caused by violations of our installation instructions. We are also not responsible for the suggestions from your dealer or supplier, which have not been approved or recommended by us.

4. This warranty is transferable from Min Shian to authorized importers and consumers. Under current product liability insurance, Min Shian carries an accumulative insurance of USD 5,000,000 a year for the worldwide market.

We strongly suggest you contact us before proceeding with any action if you have any questions relating to the product's installation and fitting. The safety of the users of our products is our utmost priority and we appreciate your time and help to let your customers understand our product and safety.