Our research and development department is highly experienced and specialized, capable of handling new projects in a timely and efficient manner.

1. 2D blueprint development: Once we receive a new project from our clients and begin our production analysis. The final 2D version will be confirmed by our client before moving on the next stage.

2. 3D model development: The approved 2D blueprint is developed into a 3D model of the final product for FEA analysis. We also develop a 3D mold and casting model for CEA analysis.

3. Cooling program development: Using the gathered data, our R&D department creates a unique cooling program for the casting process to ensure and simulate the integrity of our casting quality. Our in-house mold shop services our development needs to ensure full control of our cooling program and casting shape.

4. Sample production: : After all drawings and models are confirmed, we begin the sample production. All samples go through our in-house test lab. The samples are then documented and sent to our clients to physically confirm color and appearance. We begin mass production only after the sample is confirmed.