Claims Adjustment Procedure

To whom it may concern,

It is always unpleasant to deal with defective products, in order to reach a speedy resolution, we seek your co-operation by providing certain information to help identify the cause of defect. We also wish to assure you that we, as the manufacturer, are duty-bound to develop an improvement plan and consider our customer-satisfaction as an utmost priority.

Defection advice:

Please contact our sales team as soon as a defective product is discovered. We advise the following actions for each category of defect as listed below:

1. Wheel paint/surface: If a defect in the paint layer or wheel surface is discovered, please send photos of the defective area(s) to our sales team. If it so happens that the defective samples need to be returned for inspection, we will be fully responsible for the freight costs.

2. Wheel balance/runout: If an off balance or out of round wheel is discovered, please inform us of the problem area and provide us with verification of the measurement. If it is the case that the defective sample needs to be returned for inspection, we will be fully responsible for the freight costs.

3. Air leakage: If a wheel with air leakage is discovered, please inform us immediately. Once we confirm the manufacturer's tracking data and quantity of defective wheels, we will then activate our QA air leakage response plan. There will be no need to return a wheel sample.

4. PCD/Hub/Beadlock: If a wheel's PCD/Hub/Beadlock is out of spec, please inform us immediately with the relevant information. This can also be applied to any aspect of the wheel that are out of spec in accordance to the agreed blueprint. We will then activate our QA response plan. There will be no need to a return a wheel sample.

5. Packaging/Shortage/Accessories: Please inform us with the details of the mistake. We will then consult our inventory and shipping list, if necessary we will send a replacement(s) and provide an improvement plan.

For the situations above; it is helpful to us if you also send along the manufacturer's tracking data on the back of the wheel and on the box packaging.

Claim Adjustment:

1. We agree to compensate 100% of the value paid for under the following conditions:

A. Evidence of air leakage

B. Evidence of paint coat peeling or oxidation

C. Evidence of imbalance over 50gm/50gm or 0.5mm out of round

D. Evidence of PCD/Hub/Beadlock out of spec

E. Evidence of mis-package or mis-lable with no chance of replacement

2. If the defective wheel(s) can be repaired or sold at a discount value, we will be responsible for the value off loss negotiated and agreed upon by both parties.

3. It is important that defects be discovered as soon as possible. It is our policy to begin our adjustment procedure immediately and provide a solution within the agreed upon time. We are able to provide the amount of compensation via draft or wire transfer. Another option is to offset the value of defective wheels from the payment of the next shipment.

4. For the defective wheels unable to be repaired or discounted it is our advice to drill a hole into the rim area of the wheel. This will prevent a defective wheel from mistakenly reaching the end user and protect all parties from unnecessary harm.

The safety and quality of our products is our utmost priority. We are continuously researching new methods of production to improve our capabilities and continuously seek to maintain your trust as a customer.